The SpiralTrac™ Environmental Controller is a unique, patented throat bushing specially engineered by EnviroSeal to transform and control the internal stuffing box environment in rotating process equipment. With unique versions designed to work with both mechanical seals and packing, SpiralTrac™ has set the standard in industrial process applications worldwide for increasing equipment reliability, decreasing housekeeping cost and reducing flush requirements.

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SpiralTrac’s success lies in its unique engineered design – by modifying the flows that exist inside rotating processing equipment, SpiralTrac allows particulate to be removed from the stuffing box (and away from packing or mechanical seals), permits air to evacuate the stuffing box on flooding, and minimized heat buildup in the stuffing box by creating circulation around seal faces.

EnviroSeal Engineering Products Ltd. is a pioneering leader in seal protection technology, offering several patented product families that enhance operating conditions and dramatically increase the service life of mechanical seals and packing in the pulp & paper, mining, API, CPI, municipal and food processing industries worldwide.