Slurry Pumps

Having spent 25 years in the pumps industry, Andrew Collins recognised an opportunity to deliver better pump solutions to Australian and global industries using slurry in their production processes. Determined to do something about it, he founded KETO Pumps In 2005.

During his extensive career, Andrew has been responsible for significant developments in the technology used to in KETO slurry pumps.

His vision for KETO is to become a global leader in the reliable supply of innovative, high-performance equipment for highly abrasive/erosive/corrosive industrial environments

KETO believes in innovation, which is why they have developed their own registered designs, patents and production processes. This gives them a serious competitive advantage in a market where reliability, efficiency and lowering operating costs are a priority.

KETO thoroughly tests all their designs to ensure they live up to expectations and so nobody is left disappointed.