Air Mizer®

The Inpro/Seal Air Mizer® is a complete non-contacting shaft seal designed to prevent product loss, harmful emissions and contamination over the lifetime of your rotating equipment.

Product loss and contamination can be costly – resulting in downtime, unsafe working conditions, and maintenance nightmares. The Air Mizer® uses a positive purge as the sealing medium to create an effective seal without any wearing contact surfaces.

Slow-speed, low-pressure applications challenge traditional shaft sealing methods. Only the Inpro/Seal Air Mizer® fully articulates to accommodate shaft deflection, run-out, axial displacement and misalignment.

Patented shaft seal design creates a barrier for powders, liquids and bulk solids. Here’s how: Small amounts of air, gas or water pressure to create a positive purge against the shaft – permanently sealing against contamination and product loss.

Features and Benefits:

  • Custom engineered for your specific application and operating environment
  • Completely non-contacting, non-wearing
  • Uses minimal air consumption, energy efficient
  •  Accommodates axial shaft movement and misalignment
  • Split designs for ease of installation
  • Stainless steel designs with food grade components meet FDA sealing requirements
  • Seals for the lifetime of your equipment – no hassle with rebuild kits
  • Same day shipments available on most products, including new designs
  • Performance guarantee

Engineered Polymeric Solutions

Chesterton’s Engineered Polymer Solutions Group is a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of the highest performing polymer seals. They combine their technical expertise with state-of-the-art material technologies to provide industry-leading solutions.

Those solutions include:

  • Hydraulic and pneumatic seals – High performance wipers, rod seals, piston seals and ancillary devices designed for use in various hydraulic and pneumatic industrial applications.
  • Rotary seals – High performance rotary seals designed for use in various applications including bearing and gearbox protection.
  • Spring energized seals – Spring energized polymeric seals designed to solve today’s most difficult sealing challenges.
  • Custom seals – Custom engineered polymer seals for the most demanding applications.
  • Service programs – Unique programs developed to address specific end user needs.

Mechanical Seals

Advanced technology is the key to Chesterton Mechanical Seal performance.  Our customers look to us to provide complete, up-to-date solutions to the full range of pump leakage problems.

With the new, third generation cartridge seals, we have the ability to meet customers’ increasingly stringent emission control needs with greatly extended MTBPM (Mean Time Between Planned Maintenance).

We can now reference emissions in just a few parts per million – well within regulatory compliance limits.  Our total line of general service and specialized mechanical seals can fulfill the plant-wide needs of most process industries and a surprisingly cost-effective value.  Now, with the new Streamline™ S10 Single and S20 Dual Seals we can offer plant-wide fluid sealing needs in one set of seals.  But the S-Series goes beyond the basics of fluid sealing, to address the economies of total sealing workflow. S-Series will streamline inventory, simplify seal selection, reduce installation complexity and minimize total maintenance costs.

Chesterton’s Engineered Solutions cell can also provide out-of-the-box thinking for difficult to seal and custom applications.

If there isn’t a seal available off the shelf for your needs, we can easily design and build one to suit.  Any of the following seals can be designed for your application:

  • Cartridge Seals
  • Split Seals
  • Gas Seals
  • Bellows Seals
  • Slurry Seals
  • Mixer Seals
  • Component Seals
  • Seal Support Tanks and Systems
Mechanical Seal