Chesterton Packing & Gasketing

Chesterton is a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of the highest performing sealing devices including pump and valve packings, pump sealants, live loading technology, sheet gaskets, joint sealants and metal gaskets for a wide range of applications. While packing and gasketing are considered by some to be technologies of the past, they can still provide a technological advantage even over seemingly more-advanced products.

Chesterton has demonstrated this with their incredibly broad installed base and the ability to continuously research and advance the state-of-the-art for these technologies. Our advanced packings provide such benefits as substantial water reduction, superior leakage and emissions control, the ability to operate at high pressures and speeds, and the ability to withstand process chemicals and reduce sleeve and stem scoring.

Our sheet gasketing features high stability, reinforced synthetics that provide excellent sealability and superior reliability. Our joint sealants provide long lasting high reliability seals that are fast and easy to use. Chesterton Live Loading technology has become the worldwide standard for long-term, low-emissions, low-maintenance packing.