Maintenance Tools

Progressive Sealing offers a complete, integrated line of U.S. made tools designed to handle your packing maintenance with ease. The unique interchangeability of tips with flex or rigid holders allows a versatility not available elsewhere. Worn or damaged tips may be replaced at minimum cost rather than sacrificing the entire tool.

Removable tips include: Corkscrews for most packing, Woodscrews for hardened packing, Brush Sets (two sizes in each set) for cleaning the stuffing box, Oakum Pullers and Lantern Gland Thread Adapter Sets (three thread sizes per set).

Other items in the line are Solid shaft Picks to remove packing that breaks up easily, plastic calipers to accurately determine packing requirements, an O-Ring Extractor constructed with the proper curve and offset to make a sometimes difficult job, easy – without risk to equipment and a Packing Knife with sheath. A keen edged Stainless blade mounted in a wooden handle for a good grip, makes a fine addition to any toolbox.