On-Site Installation Support

Progressive Sealing Inc. is proud to offer our customers and clients product installation support.  We will have a factory trained Technical Specialist assist in the installation of our products.  We also have the ability to have a Field Engineer present or a resident Factory Engineer come

to the site for supervision.  The Specialist or Engineer will insure that the parameters of the installation or proper for the product supplied and that the proper installation techniques are adhered to.  They will then sign off on the install once they are satisfied that everything has been done properly and within proper installation guidelines.

Training of plant personnel can be done at the plant site conveniently and economically with our Onsite Training Program.  We will bring our factory trained specialists to your site and offer training on any and all of our products.  Some example topics offered are:  Mechanical Seals, Mechanical Packings, Pumps, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Seals, Corrosion and Erosion Control, Slurry Pumps and Design, Centrifugal Pump Courses.  All of these courses can be customized to suit the time and the audience.