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Since beginning operations the late 1990’s, Inertech, Inc. has become one of the leaders in innovative new technologies and products for Expanded PTFE for the gasketing and sealing industry.

Today’s processing plants are dynamic and require constant updating of products in order to provide them with effective, safe and dependable gasketing for the prevention of leakage of toxic chemicals and gases within the plant environments. Stringent new EPA regulations demand the least amount of leakage and emissions possible. In recent testing utilizing newly established test methods soon to become industry standards through ASTM and ASME, INERTEX® products were found to be the tightest gasket materials tested amongst 27 of the most popular expanded ptfe based gasketing products in the market. Today, INERTEX® has become the one material to provide the most complete, leak-free, and dependable sealing system available to control fugitive flange emissions in the gasketed joints.

From our basic patented processes with the core group of Expanded PTFE gasketing products, Inertech, Inc. has introduced several new products. Inertech, dedicated to bringing the market the products necessary to meet today’s requirements as well as those for the future.